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The free electronic training resource available on this page are for students only. It is regrettable that we cannot extend the same advantage to emergency service training departments. However we are prepared to negotiate reasonable terms with smaller departments who fall within the category of ‘low budget constraints’ by virtue of their size.


All programs are available to fire departments with instructional be-spoke trainer e-presentations - see




Fuel Cell Vehicles -  Hydrogen on board

Bus/Coach Rescue -

Vehicle Construction-CARs Left Hand Drive

Vehicle Construction-MPVs Left Hand Drive

Vehicle Construction-VANs Left Hand Drive

Vehicle Construction-TRUCKs Left hand Drive

EMS for Extrication Rescue

Vehicle Construction-CARs Right Hand Drive

Vehicle Construction-MPVs Right Hand Drive

Vehicle Construction-VANs Right Hand Drive

Vehicle Construction-TRUCKs Right hand Drive


Safe Tool Operation Part 1 Power Hydraulics

Safe Tool Operation Part 2 Air Lifting Units

Occupational Safety and SRS

DRA for Extrication Rescue Dynamic Risk Assessment