Len Watson -
Firefighter, Author &
Rescue Consultant
Specialising in -
Entrapment in transport accidents, confined space and natural and man-made disasters.


Publications and Computer Based Training (CBT) - By Len Watson:


RTC extrication RESCUE - User guide for power rescue tool operators: e-Book: PtriMedia 2005 www.resqmed.com/RTC extrication rescue.htm

Crash Rescue - Vehicle Entrapment Rescue and In-Vehicle Pre-hospital Trauma Care: e-Book: P-triMedia 2005 www.resqmed.com/Crash Rescue.htm

Vehicle Entrapment Rescue and Pre-Hospital Trauma Care: Structured study - Samra, Wilson, Wilmink, Watson: resQmed 1993: Revised 2000: Free full edition pdf - http://www.resqmed.com/VehiExResTraumaCare.pdf

RTA Persons Trapped - Vehicle accident rescue: Greenwave 1990: ISBN 0 9516860 0 3

Advanced Vehicle Entrapment Rescue (Holmatro - User Guide for Rescue Tool Operators): Greenwave 1994: ISBN 0 9516860 1 1 - (Out of print - See RTC extrication RESCUE)

Occupational Safety and SRS - How will supplementary restraint systems affect occupational safety: resQmed 1997: ISBN 0 9516860 3 8 (Out of print - See RTC extrication RESCUE)

Occupational Safety and SRS: eTraining Program: resQmed 2008  

Vehicle Developments - New vehicle technology: e-Book: resQmed Revised 2012 - http://www.resqmed.com/New_Vehicle_Technology.htm

EMS for Vehicle Extrication Rescue: eBook: resQmed 2008


Vehicle Construction - Cars, MPV's, Vans, 4x4 jeeps/SUV's and Trucks: resQmed 2004 (Instructor presentations and student books with electronic self assessment) - http://www.resqmed.com/TrainerPresentations.htm

Mechanisms of injury - The kinematics of vehicle crashes and the likely patterns of life-threatening injury: (e-Presentation and study program) PtriMedia 2004


Safe Tool Operation - Hydraulic power rescue equipment: resQmed  

Trainers’ Presentation - http://www.resqmed.com/SRS-Tm-info.htm

Student eBook - http://www.resqmed.com/SRS-Sb-info.htm

Vehicle Extrication - Dynamic Risk Assessment: (e-Presentation and study program) resQmed 2005 -

Trainers’ Presentation -  http://www.resqmed.com/DRA-Tm-info.htm

Student eBook - http://www.resqmed.com/DRA-Sb-info.htm

MVA Extrication Path-Finder - Electronic information centre for dynamic risk assessment and management of vehicle entrapments at the roadside: resQmed 2005: www.resqmed.com/PathfinderExplained.pdf

SRS - a different perspective - 1St Impact: British Association for Immediate Care (BASICS) conference paper 2005: Free download - www.resqmed.com/SRSperspective.pdf

SRS Logic: A paper for discussion and study into safe procedures: Free download - www.resqmed.com/SRSlogicSm.pdf

E-Learning Computer Based Training: Free download - www.resqmed.com/eLearningCBT.pdf

The Clam - Inverted ramming and cutting: Free download - www.resqmed.com/TheClam1.pdf

Vehicle Extrication - Dynamic Risk Assessment: Free download - www.resqmed.com/VehExDRA.pdf

Vehicle Components & Parts - Glossary: Free download - www.resqmed.com/VisualGlossary.pdf

Boron Steel - Informative study: Free download - www.resqmed.com/BoronSteel1.pdf

Fast Changing Challenges: Free download - www.resqmed.com/FastChangingChall.pdf

RESCUE news Letters 1 - 22 www.resqmed.com/news_letter.htm

For further information visit our WEB site at www.resqmed.com or our free on-line study facility at www.resqmed.com/researchstudy1.html

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Hydrogen on board: Research and study pdf e-document 2012: Free download - http://www.resqmed.com/Downloads/FCV-Setup.exe  

Bus/Coach Crash Rescue: study pdf e-document 2012: Free download - http://www.resqmed.com/Downloads/BC-Sb-Setup.exe

Bus/Coach Crash Rescue: Trainers’ presentation 2012: http://www.resqmed.com/BC-Tm-info.htm


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