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Bus/Coach Rescue

 e-Training program - Trainers Presentation

This Presentation can also be delivered as a student centred study course. It comes with an in-built electronic facility for self assessment and accreditation. It is suitable for intranet or Internet training but requires a license for each workstation.

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New Developments

New Vehicle Technology -  . Revised edition 2012

Keeping abreast of current and new developments in vehicle design, steels and upgrades to current and new components is essential in risk assessing and pre-planning vehicle extrication policy.


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The sharing, collection and study of information is vital to the development of vehicle extrication rescue. Knowledge is a two way street, therefore if the student has something to share, a better way to do something or concerns they need addressed, this training program offers this precise platform to both the trainer and students.

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Police Study High-Voltage Hazard: Electric Car Crashes
Although they are designed with a variety of safety systems, electric and hybrid-vehicles present unique concerns for emergency responders if those systems are compromised as a result of a motor vehicle
crash. The New York State Police has joined ...
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Research & Study 1

December 4, 2012 - Laminated Glass and Accident Safety: Can Auto Glass be too Safe? by Casey Neeley,

A local report about consumer safety surrounding the use of laminated glass for sidelites which aired recently on NBC 6 South Florida asks the question: are vehicles becoming too safe? -Read article -

Small Overlap Crash Testing.

The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety has introduced a small overlap crash test for the first time with, what seems to be, surprising results. Although fire/rescue have experienced this phenomena for decades, crash testing has now got around to highlighting this problematic area that the motor industry has ignored completely up till now.  View the video and let us know if you are surprised that it has taken this long.

Research & Study 1