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We sincerely hope that you become a participating member and we would welcome any contribution you could make.  We will endeavour to answer any question you may have or steer you in the right direction. Where appropriate we can help you to research a project and introduce you to a current research program. We will in due course furnish you with a 'Who's Who' of rescuers with a proven track record of excellence. May I take this opportunity to thank you for the time taken to read this and hopefully - welcome you on board.

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What's New in the first quarter of 2006
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For 2006 we have continued our research program into major events which take more than ten lives in any single event. Third world countries remain our chief concern where such death and destruction happen as a daily occurrence.

With the introduction of smart SRS systems we introduced an informative research and study program in 2004 titled  SRS smart systems - Logic. With the view of increasing Rescuer awareness, at the request of our readers we published our research.

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Hybrid vehicles

At present there is a growing interest in
The Tsunami of 2004 made headlines all over the world but Rescuers should be aware that it is in fact the daily event that takes the most life and exacts the most morbidity. Bus and coach crashes are particularly highlighted but it is not always limited to these vehicles. Mastered in Adobe pdf the end-user can download it and use the facilities embedded within the program. Using Adobe 6 reader, which is a free download, you can attach and save any notes or comments you wish to make. Your notes can be stored as a word document and printed out as required. hybrid cars. Fuelled by their growing numbers, Rescuers are becoming increasingly aware of their presence and realise that it is only a matter of time before they are confronted by one. All Rescuers should be fully aware of Ready-Go and Keyless-Go.
The daily bread
Along with other third world countries South Africa's poor transport network has seen a myriad of Space vans swarming the streets. Converted to carry up to 20 passengers, it is not uncommon to witness a crash where 10 or more are killed and many more seriously injured. If you wish to share the information you can attach the file by going to our 'Sharing and Collection of information and study' site and attach the file and send it through to us. We will honour your trust and only share the information that you have submitted with your express permission. Without fore-knowledge of these systems there is a real likelihood of turning an accident into a disaster.  If you are not familiar with these systems contact your training department and rectify the situation ASAP. 
SRS propellant
Daily disasters also include fires, ferries, trains, mines and the occasional plane accident.  It seems ironic that it is third world countries that are mainly plagued with these disasters. While the rescue infra-structure in the developed world has geared up to meet the likely contingency, we offer little help or advice to the emerging nations. Prepare to be enlightened - Visit our daily News Sheet, go to -

New study - With a view to upgrading its e-Learning programs resQmed have launched a new study into Multi-Generator airbags with multi-function electronic sensing.  Although two-stage systems are already covered, it is felt that further research is necessary to risk assess certain extrication evolutions. 

Newly published on our web site; 'What Every Firefighter Should Know'  is an exposť into both the dangers and legacy of Sodium Azide.  A shocking and far reaching report that tells of immanent danger for all rescuers, vehicle recovery agents, police crash investigators and depollution technicians.

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