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The motor industry is constantly striving to bring new innovations and design to the market place. With 'peak' oil pressuring the industry to build more efficient engines and streamlined design to gain maximum fuel efficiency, we now see a trend gathering momentum towards hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles are now beginning to populate our streets and inevitably a small proportion will experience collision, fire and electrocution. This production informs and discusses the likely implications of these new developments and components, and offers significant resource for the sharing and collection of information.  -


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The Program is equipped with a comprehensive active contents page panel controls  and search engine.

 The program has superb graphic illustrations, schematics and video of new relevant technology, explanations and risk analysis

 Cut away pictures and see-through illustrations offer a valuable aid to enhance understanding

The implication of high strength and boron steels in bodywork construction is discussed and linked to an online study paper for sharing and collection of information. 

 Variation in seat design and electric adjustments are enhanced using schematic presentation  

 The on going research of SRS/SIP systems includes some new  innovations and is linked to our online study and collection and sharing of information facility. 

 The implication of new battery technology and power-on electrics after ignition isolation, is annalised and discussed with rescue in mind   

Keyless and ready go systems are fully explained and their implications for scene management are discussed. 

 Developments in hybrid and electric vehicles has been continued and is an ongoing discussion.  

 Fuel cell vehicles - hydrogen onboard: New to the customer these vehicles are due to appear in the show rooms in 2012/2013. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, their design, components and safety features are discussed and debated. The production also offers free access to a Rescuer Awareness & discussion Paper - Fuel Cell Vehicles 'Hydrogen on Board' [ CLICK ] 

Hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles all have high capacity battery packs and ultra capacitors, the ramification of which carries significant risk and environment hazards. The discussion offers an over view and presents the elements of consern for debate.   

 Understanding the importance of  the use of foams and the dangers associated with these foams, especially when involved in fire, is essential to the well being and health surveillance of fire fighters.