Trainers' Presentation Program                 

Vehicle Construction Part 2 MPV's

MPV's - monocoque/space frame construction and component parts


This presentation offers the trainer an excellent resource to provide the student with logical instruction in the science of vehicle construction complete with the universal naming of component parts relevant to entrapment extrication rescue. Built for interactive presentation, the program is equipped with an electronic summary assessment facility, offering instant redirection to the appropriate section for revision and validation. it is accompanied with it's own student eBook which incorporates electronic self assessment and certification print out otherwise, where the student fails the assessment, informs them of the areas requiring revision.


SAMPLE PAGES - scroll down to view

The Program is equipped with an interactice CONTENTS menu page with links to all sections of the training program.

The training program covers the following objectives

 Presentation schematics and text are all interactive

 Interactive schematics built the vehicle and are controled by the trainer  

 All areas of construction relevant to extrication rescue are covered in a systematic approach 

 Both hinged and sliding doors are covered in detail 

 Vital components such as the dash cross-member are graphically illustrated 

The program also covers dual stage and adaptive SRS 

 Seating configurations, adjustments and removal are clearly illustrated  

The program is equipped with a summary assessment page that allows the trainer to validate the instruction and, where necessary, hyperlink back to the relevant area that needs revision.