Trainers' Presentation Program               


Power Hydraulic Rescue Equipment 


This presentation offers the trainer an excellent resource to provide the student with logical instruction in the safe operational use of power rescue equipment complete with the universal names and phrases relevant to entrapment extrication rescue. Built for interactive presentation, the program is equipped with an electronic summary assessment facility, offering instant redirection to the appropriate section for revision and validation. it is accompanied with it's own student eBook which incorporates electronic self assessment and certification print out; or where the student fails the assessment, the program will inform them of the areas requiring revision.


This program is equipped with an exceptionally high profile of graphics and schematics   

This training program offers a valuable resource for instructing students in the essential methods of safe hydraulic tool operation in conducting extrication procedures. The menu offers instant hyperlinked access to all sections of the program and access to an electronic notepad and internet access to resQmed's 'Sharing and Collection of Information' research and study site. 

The Aim is simply to give students the known risks when testing and operation hydraulic rescue equipment.

The objectives are based on the logical understanding of safe tool operation, so that students can  fully understand the risk factors when performing all the extrication evolutions that are universally practiced by fire departments world wide.

 The program offers very relevant, essential and systematic safety briefings 

The daily checks 

 Inspection and maintenance   

 Standard test procedures 

 Emphasis is placed on cleaning and decontamination 

The logic for vehicle preparation and stabalisation allows the instructor to impact upon the student the importance this holds for rescuer safety and the casualty's well being    

 Universally excepted procedure for battery disconnection is enhanced by video presentation 

The implication of hybrid/electric 'ready-go' and transponder 'keyless-go' is realistic explained 

The relevance of steering wheel securing devices is explained and an understanding offered in terms of good practice policy 

Video is used to illustrate efficient and best practice glass management technique 

The section on safety precaution when using power hydraulic equipment has a separate menu for immediate access to relevant parts of the program  

Hydraulic hose wear and tear and other safety implication are enphasised to instill best practice  

The following examples show frames where active schematics and video are used to enphasise safe tool operation when performing extrication evolutions  

Safe tool operation encompasses the performance of extrication evolutions with undeployed SRS systems 

Less well known cause of tool idiosyncrasy linked to fire fighter injury is explained in detail using active schematics 

The program is equipped with a summary assessment page that allows the trainer to validate the instruction and, where necessary, hyperlink back to the relevant area that needs revision.