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Occupational Safety & SRS 

Essential Health & Safety information for MVC rescue technicians  


This students' eBook accompanies the 'MVC rescue technician series' Occupational Safety & SRS training module and offers a reference guide to professional rescues. This program offers a comprehensive resource for the understanding and guidance of students studying the implications that SRS systems have on extrication rescue.       

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 Occupation Safety & SRS - Front page 

The Program is equipped with a comprehensive CONTENTS page, Index listing and search engine.

 Occupational hazards in vehical accident rescue with SRS
 Full explanation and illustrations on how SRS systems work. 
 How to recognise undeployed systems
 Vehical accident rescue with a deployed pretensioner system
 Extrication with active and deactivated SRS systems
 Vehical extrication in the over turned vehical with live SRS
 Seat mounted mechanical SIP system
 Fully illustrated seat mounted airbag system explanation
Roof removal -  Identifying SIPS modules and save cutting areas 
 Roof fall down - Identifying SIPS modules and save cutting areas
 Inverted side removal -  Identifying SIPS modules and save cutting areas


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