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RTC extrication RESCUE


This eBook is a revision of Advanced Vehicle Entrapment Rescue and it also incorporates the revision of 'How Will SRS Affect Occupational Safety'? Republished in 2005 as 'RTC extrication RESCUE', this e-publication offers valid instruction and very essential information in relation to SRS and occupational safety, where occupants require extrication from the wreckage, where the battery cannot be disconnected and SRS/SIPS are left undeployed..  

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Biblio data record:

ISBN:  0-9550551-7-2 / 978-9550551-7-2

Title: RTC extrication rescue – User guide for power rescue tools (Revised 2nd edition)

Author: Len Watson

Publisher: resQmed

Format: CD (Compact Disc - PC Windows Platform + Adobe Reader 5)

Price: £29.99 (Personal use only – Licensing available)

Pages: 243

Publication date:  2005

Audience: First Responders: Fire fighters, Paramedics; Ambulance technicians; Immediate care doctors; Police officers.

Subject:  This e-Manual offers a comprehensive up-to-date guide on motor vehicle crash rescue for fire fighters.  Laid out in a sequential format, extensive evolutions to cover most eventualities are explained and illustrated.  In a special section, devoted to occupational safety and SRS - risk assessed extrication options are detailed for undeployed SRS/SIPS, where the battery cannot be disconnected.



1. Logic/Key – Understanding the user guide. 2. Safe tool operation. 3. Scene assessment, control and vehicle stabilisation. 4. Glass management. 5. Space making techniques, side and roof evolutions. 6. Seat adjustment and seat removal.  7. Trapped in the front seat/footwell. 8. The overturned vehicle. 10. Accidents involving commercial vehicles. 11. Occupational safety and SRS – Introduction - *Vehicle extrication and dynamic risk assessment and extrication management. 12. *Frontal airbags. 13. *Seatbelt pretensioners. 14. *Side impact protection bags. 15. *Head protection systems and inflation curtains.


* These areas cover extrication evolutions with undeployed SRS/SIPS where the battery cannot be disconnected.

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About the Author:

Introducing Len Watson


Len Watson

London - UK

Specialising in:

Entrapment in transport accidents, confined space and natural, and man-made disasters.


29 years an operational firefighter, 26 years riding a rescue vehicle in London's East End. Len Watson has written several books on rescue and is a well known international figure on the rescue scene. Latterly he has produced e-books – ‘New Developments – New vehicle technology’, 'RTC extrication rescue' and 'Crash Rescue – Vehicle extrication rescue and in-vehicle pre-hospital trauma care’, which is the first book to combine the technical disciplines of vehicle extrication and in-vehicle pre-hospital trauma care.

As an international SAVER instructor, Len delivers Master Classes for the International Centre for Extrication Techniques (ICET) in Holland. He has been instrumental in co-ordinating and producing computer-based instructor presentations and student centred learning programs for both Lukas and Hurst rescue tool manufacturers. His most ambitious involvement with rescue to-date culminates with the introduction of the 'MVC extrication PathFinder'. A risk management information centre for all late model vehicles designed both for training and operational use at the roadside.