e-BOOK Personal Emergency Evacuation Planning   
 Responsible Person/Fire Marshal Duties 


This e-Book offers the Responsible Person and Fire Marshall's an excellent resource and reference manual to draw from. This book has its own interface and is published in Adobe portable document format (pdf). It has been secured to prevent unsolicited changes. Those readers with Adobe Professional 6 or later can use Adobe's improved facility for adding and sharing notes, which can be saved on closing the document.   


The opening page of this program is equipped with a menu which gives the user access to the e-Book and other embedded facilities.  There is a page of useful links that steers the user to valuable published resource available on the internet free of charge from the Office of the Public Sector Information (OPSI).

The user guide for this production is inbuilt and can be accessed from the creamer 

The cover of the e-Book as it appears when opened in Adober Reader. It is only neccessary to click the ENTER button to begins processing the book. 

Each page is equipped with a control panel that offers quick and easy access e.g. - back page, active contents, active index, forward page, previous page viewed and search facility. All sections of the contents are link to their relevant sections.  A full index is also available and is actively linked to all corresponding sections of the e-Book. 

 Sample pages: 

Case histories of disasters are accentuated with video clips. 

All referance and further reading sections are hyperlinked to there relevant sources on the internet. 

The publication offers a useful resource for fire fighting and extinguisher awareness in the form of notes for guidance. This appendix offers a realistic approach and good advice to novice and first time fire fighting volunteers.

Appendixes include the templates for daily, weekly, monthly, 3,6,12 monthly checks as performance indicators. There can be drawn from the Quality Management System CD and defaulted to suit user needs.   

To view the full concept of the Responsible Person/Fire Marshall duties program - please click on the respective picture in the frame bellow.