The Signage CD comes as part of the 'Quality Management System' bundle. it can also be acquired separately as a valuable resource that is capable of printing replacement or additional signage as required. Much of the templates can have text entered to customise appropriate signs. The print out of relevant signs can be mastered in A5, A4, A3 and A2 as required. This of course is dependent on your printing facility. Printed signs can be laminated giving the additional advantage of longevity.    


The Signage CD caters for all manner of signs including those suitable for impaired person evacuation and instruction.  

A most useful facility for inns, hostels and hotels etc, the escape route templates will allow floor plans to be imported and text to be entered.  

There are a series of services and miscellaneous signage templates. As with all templates for direction or instruction that requires text to be added, where applicable, the program is equipped with active text input boxes that will retain memory when the program is closed so that when opened again the information will be displayed, and where necessary can be over written and printed out as required.  

Where appropriate instructional signage can have icons dragged and dropped into position and instruction entered in text input boxes. When the program is closed, entered information will be retained so that when opened again the data will be displayed, and where necessary can be over written and printed out as required. 


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