PEEP Door Icon compiler

   Personal Emergency Evacuation Planning   Twaite certificated – Suitable for all PC platforms


We have now completed, ready for purchase, our quick 'read at a glance' electronic 'PEEP- door icon compiler'. To make it easier to follow directives, road traffic management, computer programs, health & safety, fire instruction and directional signs etc., have long since been iconised.  Although not mandate, the ‘PEEP- door icon compiler’ offers a quick ‘read at a glance’ reminder of the individual Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan, which is an essential requirement particularly suited to hospital/nursing/residential care home premises. The ‘PEEP’ icon gives staff, agency workers and firefighters immediate recognition of the agreed evacuation plan for the individual’s room or bed and the risk-assessed method for their safe evacuation.





To access the appropriate compiler, it is only necessary to select and click on the picture icon that most meets the personal emergency evacuation risk-assessed plan.



The program provides a text input box where the person’s name, special instructions and pertinent information can be typed into, and printed out, as part of the iconised sign. This can be a H&S warning or a reminder that medication (e.g. oxygen equipment, vital medicine etc) must accompany the patient on evacuation.






PEEP - Evacuation Status Report: Assembly point roll-call list and essential building information

This template offers a vital and most useful resource to assist with efficient emergency evacuation, roll-call accountability, missing persons likely whereabouts and building services,(gas, electrics, water etc).




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