Staff Self-Train Presentation Program

Hospitals/Health/Residential Care Home Premises

Responsible Person/Fire Marshals/Wardens/Supervisors/Staff


This presentation offers the trainer an excellent resource to provide the participant with logical instruction on the Disability Discrimination Act and Disability Equality Duty legislation. The training offers excellent instruction in fire action, health and safety implications, all relevant to impaired patients residents and people working or frequenting your establishment.  This program is accompanied by an electronic e- book that can be made available to all participants or printed out as required. The program is equipped with an electronic summary assessment facility, plus an embedded electronic self- assessment and accreditation facility. 


This program is equipped with an exceptionally high profile of graphics and schematics. The menu page is active on mouse over which will take you to the individual sections within the program. The user guide can also be accessed from the menu page as can the  training logs and the e-Self Assessment facility.  The user can also choose to have the instruction automatically delivered to them by selecting the Auto Cue. 

The aim and objectives are based on the logical understanding of PEEP Legislation and what is required by law to become compliant. 

The Disability Discrimination Act and Disability Equality Duty Act is delivered as part of the curriculum. 

 Complete with video clips the PEEPs program gives a full understanding of what constitutes 'The Impaired Person'  

The posting of essential signage is mandatory and failure to do so will be very apparent to any enforcement officer by virtue of its absence.  

Instruction is given on PEEP policy development and the production of personal emergency evacuation plans and the audit and review of those plans.  The program is equipped with a PEEP's matrix and all electronic templates to aid to production of an appropriate evacuation plan.

Realistic PEEP's procedures must take account of the individuals ability and dexterity so that the plan most suited to that person can be actioned when required.  It is a requirement of the act that those appointed to develop and action PEEP's have appropriate etiquette training.   

Instruction for staff training and PEEP's orientation follows government guidelines and a practical approach is adopted for this program. It covers all the main facets that must be considered and, where adopted, must be risk assessed and trained for and a record of staff training kept.      

The compulsary evacuation of patients/residents in the event of fire must be planned for, risk assessed and practiced. In view of the 'Rosepark' enquiry and the improved legislation, our program embraces the highest instruction for best practice in evacuation and rescue. 


This training program uses a series of practical applications to reinforce students' learning. It offers a summary assessment to reinforce learning. Where the candidate is not confident in answering any of the posed questions, they only need to click on the question to revisit the relevant section.  

This training program is equipped with a student centered e-Assessment facility that is based on 80% of content. The assessment program is built in such a way that makes failure a thing of the past. Where a participant fails to achieve the required standard they will be redirected to the appropriate area/s of the program where they can revise and, when satisfied, they can retake the assessment. On successful completion they will be able to print a certificate of achievement and enter their name in the electronic training log.      

Click anyware on the image below to access information on the PEEP e-Book.