RTC Master Classes - in-house hosting

What is a Master Class ?  Master Classes have been built around the requirements and needs of Training Directors, Trainers, Firefighters, Paramedics, Emergency Doctors, A&E personnel and medical professionals. The philosophy of our Masters' Class is to give structured insight into new developments in vehicle crash injury and casualty rescue; offer new risk assessed solutions and the means to deliver the highest standard for instruction delivery, eLearning and assessment in preparedness training.

Where does the information come from ?  We appoint world leaders in their field of expertise, with proven track records and established published works to undertake the following - Research, risk recognition, analysis, risk assessed options, casualty V's risk and efficient strategy, and outcome measurement as the leading part of our evidence based training.  Setting such high parameters and criteria for our Master Classes we are able to offer essential risk assessed information and program design concepts for rescue preparedness training. All information is electronically packaged (Trainer presentations and student books) and are available to participants.

What Master Classes can do for you ?  Information technology can be at everyone's fingertips. Our Master Classes offer the first point of release. Not only essential new information but cutting edge methods for electronic delivery. Additionally we offer seminar based, interactive cross-platform training, for volume participation and eLearning continuation training, which offers fast and wide spread inception that can be measured, fine tuned and sustained. Such is the standard we offer that it allows the end-user to -













- Combat 

  • Minimum training philosophy
  • Number crunching
  • Inter service segregation
  • Risk taking
  • Poor decision making
  • Risk of litigation


    - Improve
  • The Team Approach - Develop inter personnel skills
  • Improve ability to recognise risks
  • Control and manage risks better
  • constructive pro-active decision making
  • performance through knowledge and efficiency
  • and audit valuable measurable outcomes and review policy
    Where are the Master Classes held ?  Master Classes are hosted by 
  progressive emergency services and training academies.  We offer a complete reseller package to the host with the concept of redeeming or sharing the cost implication when running these events.  As part of our commitment we supply all participants with appropriate electronic hand-outs and pre-course entry level material. Download a free copy of a Master Class set up - click [ MC Resource ],
    Information technology -  Information presented in the master Classes
  has been electronically mastered as stand alone Trainer presentations. Products include high-end graphics, schematics, animations, video and cross-platform interaction. Some programs come with electronic assessment, certification and a remote monitoring facility can also be supplied. Programs also supports a 'Sharing and collection of information' facility and note-pad software. Licenses can also be obtained for additional workstations, intranet and internet applications.
  Build your own programs or let us build them for you - 
  In researching, writing and building our training modules we are aware that larger Fire Services may have individual requirements necessitated by their operational commitments. We are able to customise training programs to suit your every need. Whether you wish programs to carry your service badges and details, or you require bespoke training programs built to your specifications we are here to help you.
    We can offer -
  • Consultancy
  • Research
  • Criteria based analysis
  • Multi media mastering - Stand alone secure programming
  • Technical writing and scripting
  • Video / CD / DVD production
  • Graphic design
  • Artwork - Photo realistic computerised graphics, schematics and animations
  We have available a wide selection of photo realistic clipart where copyright can be released under a share-ware license to minimise your cost. Our art department pride themselves in their ability to recreate any scenario - crashed vehicle, injured casualty etc, to any degree of complexity and see-through transparency. We can offer active schematics, slide shows and animations. We also offer editorial, scripting and voiceovers which we can imbed and lip-sync with most other media.  Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your needs or other possibilities.
  Availability  -  Download a free sample Master Class set up to evaluate - click  [ MC Resource ], For more information and the availability of current Master Classes please call us

If you wish you can phone us on  +44 (0)1787 479605 where we will be glad to discuss these classes further or arrange a meeting, or contact us at


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