e-Training Program 

Trainers' Presentation        


The kinematics of vehicle crashes 

likely life threatening injury patterns


This training program is the subject of extensive research and collaboration. Designed for trainer presentation or student centered learning, this elaborate program offers an intense study of vehicle crash injury that will enhance medical awareness and appreciation, essential for the assessment of casualties in the pre-hospital phase.    


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The Program is equipped with a comprehensive CONTENTS page, Index listing and search engine.

 A factual approach to the dynamic understanding of actual mechanisms of injury  

Side-on impact crash analysis 

 Interior deformity and most likely casualty projection 

 Rear end crash deformity and mechanisms of injury 

 Crash logic for the vehicle that ends up on-it's-roof

Under ride crashes and crush injury 

 Front 1/4 oblique impact damage to the space frame van

 Mechanisms of injury in the cab-over-engine truck

 Mechanisms of injury in a high speed forward plain coach crash

 Mechanisms of injury in a coach crash that rolls onto it's side

Understanding theoretical considerations for energy absorption, valocity change and mass differential

 Crash dynamics illustrated with the use of high speed slow motion video

Explanatory pages with interactive see-through illustrations of actual injury 

Explanatory pages with see-through illustrations of thoracic injury

Explanatory pages with interactive see-through illustrations of abdominal and C-Spine injury

In depth explanation of the nervous system sensory points for spinal injury assessment