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It is a requirement under Fire Regulatory Reform Order 2005 that provision be made to appoint a Responsible Person and ensure that he/she is competent to fulfil the required duties. The appointed person/s must be suitably qualified, have an appropriate level of expertise, undergo ‘fire marshal’ training and in turn deliver training to your staff. Otherwise that training will need to be outsourced.


The cost of outsourcing this training together with payment of staff in-lieu is often accepted as a necessary bourdon but it is one that can be reduced considerably, without the need for staff release for a dedicated course.


Our e-Training programs are available under license.  They are student centred with an electronic self-assessment facility which measures performance and on successful completion will certificate the candidate. Where the assessment falls below the required standard the participant is redirected to those areas they are weak in. Re-assessment can be undertaken at any time.

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