QMS- services

It is a legal requirement that

your company has a written policy document

and emergency plan that shows what you have put in place to meet the Fire Regulatory Reform Order 2005 and Health & Safety legislation; your on-going commitment to manage, review, train and instruct your staff.


We can offer your company a bespoke, comprehensive  fire-risk assessment quality management system that is both flexible and user friendly, which meets fully with the requirements of the RRO 2005 act and H&S requirements.  


Our computerised system will allow your appointed ‘Responsible Person’ and assistants to comply fully with relevant legislation, ensuring your company’s compliance in all aspects of the relevant acts.


Our Quality Management Programs offers


At present we have generic packages available for -



Customisation and bespoke systems

As a company we have the capacity and in-house infrastructure to design a bespoke quality management system for fire, risk, health and safety to suit individual customer needs. As we can borrow heavily from  our existing resource, customisation is relatively inexpensive.


Consultancy and Training

We can also offer consultancy and initial fire/risk assessment to ease your quality management program in and in-house training to your appointed representative/s so that they can maintain compliance and excellence in quality assurance.


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