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           Crash Rescue                       

Vehicle Entrapment Rescue & Pre-Hospital Trauma Care  

Second edition 2011

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Crash Rescue is a brave new informative guide and the first production of its kind to integrate both disciplines of technical rescue and medical intervention for the roadside.

Motor vehicle entrapments hold the majority of the car-user fatality and life-threatening serious injury rate.  Structured and integrated post accident intervention at the scene of the crash offers the greater scope in redeeming otherwise hopeless situations and can reduce the needless waste of life and morbidity.

Rescue team performance and new vehicle technology have a direct bearing on crash rescue.  The team, to be fully functioning, must have a working knowledge of both immediate care and a safe code of practice with achievable objectives and risk-assessed extrication procedures. Initial casualty assessment and immediate life saving care relies heavily on risk management and 


proficient extrication evolutions that cater for aggressive intervention.  Likewise, EMS must be fully aware of what they can reasonably expect in terms of extrication from the attending fire service and the freedom in practice this allows. 

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ISBN:  0-9550551-6-4 / 978-9550551-6-4

Title: Crash Rescue – Vehicle extrication rescue and pre-hospital trauma care

Author: Len Watson

Publisher: resQmed

Format: CD (Compact Disc) – Interactive iO streaming

Price: RRP £29.99 (Personal use only – licensing available)

Publication date:  2005

Audience: First Responders: Fire fighters, Paramedics; Ambulance technicians; Immediate care doctors; staff involved in a hospital team; Police officers.

Subject:  This e-book teaches cross-platform training concepts between fire-fighters and paramedics and the other personnel forming the rescue team who may be called to a road traffic crash occasioning occupant entrapment. The book offers an informative approach to the subject of in-vehicle immediate care and covers a wide range of specialist extrication evolutions for all accident types.  In highlighting the priorities and the best methods for practicing the disciplines of technical and medical intervention to sharpen the skills needed to function at the RTC, it informs the emergency medical service of what they can reasonably expect from the attending fire and rescue service.


1. Crash Rescue – Introduction. 2. Interactive MVA workshops – Profile and explanation. 3. Table of events – Aims & Objectives. 4. MVA types and kinematics leading to injury and entrapments. 5. Risk assessment and management. 6. Vehicle orientation and initial entry. 7.  Extrication evolutions in relation to crash types. 8. The three Logic of rescue. 9. Immediate casualty assessment. 10. Airway and C- spine management and invasive care. 11. Spinal immobilisation, packaging and removal. 12. Vehicle type, position and casualty removal


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About the Author:

Introducing Len Watson


Len Watson

London - UK

Specialising in:

Entrapment in transport accidents, confined space, and natural and man-made disasters.


29 years an operational firefighter, 26 years riding a rescue vehicle in London's East End. Len Watson has written several books on rescue and is a well known international figure on the rescue scene. Laterally he has produced e-books – ‘New Developments – New vehicle technology’, 'RTC extrication rescue' and 'Crash Rescue', which is the first book to combine the technical disciplines of vehicle extrication and in-vehicle pre-hospital trauma care.

As an international SAVER instructor, Len delivers Master Classes for the International Centre for Extrication Techniques (ICET) in Holland. He has been instrumental in co-ordinating and producing computer-based instructor presentations and student centred learning programs for both Lukas and Hurst rescue tool manufacturers. His most ambitious involvement with rescue to-date culminates with the introduction of the 'MVC extrication PathFinder'. - a risk management information centre for all late model vehicles designed both for training and operational use at the roadside.