THE FIRST BOOK OF IT'S KIND                     



The interaction of Vehicle Entrapment Rescue and Pre-Hospital Trauma Care

Second Edition 2011


Long awaited for, this eBook is the first of its kind to interact the disciplines of technical rescue: the science of vehicle entrapment extrication and in-vehicle Trauma Care. Presented as a studentís book for interactive cross-platform training we have opened up sales to everyone involved in motor vehicle crash rescue.


 The Program is equipped with a comprehensive CONTENTS page, Index listing and search engine.

 A factual approach to dynamic risk assessment for whoever arrives on scene first

 In-vehicle Airway + C-spine management analysis and vital logic
 Immediate Release and Rapid Extrication
 In-vehicle advanced airway therapy and invasive procedures
 The order of casualty care and the principles of 'controlled release management'
 Extrication evolutions explained
 Controlled Release Management - Front 1/4 oblique impact damage
 Controlled Release Management - Head-on impact
 Controlled Release Management - Vehicle on-its-side
 Controlled Release Management - Vehicle on-its-roof
 Mechanisms of injury - Side-on impact
 Mechanisms of injury - Side-on impact (Animation and Logic)

The Student Book  'EMS for Extrication Rescue - The Team Approach'  is the official hand-out for the 'Crash Rescue' cross platform training course. It has been addapted from 'Crash Rescue' and sample pages can be accessed by clicking on the image bellow.