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ResQmed was first setup as a company in the summer of 1996 to add a new dimension to existing publications available to the emergency service. Primarily these publications dealt with the emerging science of extrication rescue, detailing emergency procedures for road traffic accident victims trapped within the wreckage of their vehicles.  ResQmed acquired the copyright of ‘RTA Persons Trapped’ and ‘Advanced Vehicle Entrapment Rescue’ and used these manuals as the foundation for the original training programs produced. Over the years this information has been further researched and expanded upon.    

As a multi media e-publishing company, resQmed launched it’s first electronic publications in 1997 and promoted them to the emergency services worldwide. These conceptional training programs where the first to offer student self training complete with electronic self assessment and accreditation for rescue personnel and are constantly upgraded and continue to be used in many countries of the world.

To corroborate and consolidate the information contained within it’s publications, resQmed introduced it’s ‘Sharing and Collection of Information’ facility within it’s web-site early in 2003. This facility has provoked and stimulated great interest and is utilised by rescuers all over the world. Their feedback has proved a wonderful resource and has been instrumental in fine tuning our training programs and other publications. So much so, we have improved the web-site facility to offer a free ‘open door to online training policy’ in 2009 and will improve on this as necessary.   


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